Delta X18

Damian Rose & Andy Adler

Damian Rose and Andy Adler are after each other quickly with deep kissing and grabbing in seconds. Damian puts Andy on his knees and has him bobbing on his hard cock and getting instant pleasure. Damian throat fucks him and knows Andy is his perfect match. Damian wants to serve too and gets on his knees to have Archie’s beautiful cock in his mouth too. Andy throat fucks him hard and loves Damians mouth. When the sucking ends, Andy bends over Damian to lick and eat Damian’s ass in a perfect rimming. Damian loves Andy’s tongue inside him but loves his hard cock better. Andy fucks Damian’s ass with slow thrusts and then harder ones as Damian gasps for pleasure. Damian flips Andy to rim his tight hole and Andy enjoys the switched role as a sub. After several minutes of hard man-fucking, Andy shoots his cum in a wild spray followed by Damian’s cumming all over Andys’ asshole. These two slender beauties are gorgeous and sexy RAW together. Actors: Andy Adler, Damian Rose
Source ChaosMen
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