Delta X18

Joseph Ox Hooks Up With Security Guard Named Shadow

Joseph Ox has been cruisin the sex club all night but nothing has really caught his eye until he spies a security guard working the exit door. Joseph is so turned on by this guy but is afraid he is straight and won’t be into him. But after several times walking by him the Guard reaches out and grabs his ass and tells him his name is Shadow and he can’t play here where he risks his job but he gets off in an hour if he wants to follow him home. Back and Shadow’s place it almost looks like the club itself and they immediately kiss with passion and need. Both have a deep need to eat each other’s asses and then Shadow takes charge bending Joseph every which way he can get his dick inside that tasty ass in front of him. They both finish with Joseph’s tongue buried deep inside Shadow’s ass. Actors: Shadow, Joseph Ox
Source blacksonboys
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