Delta X18

Neighborhood Swingers #25 – Adira Allure & John Strong

Adira Allure finishes styling her hair and poses in front of the mirror, wearing stockings and a short dress. Her husband, Alex Mack, tells her that she looks amazing… Which means she’s all set for some special fun, because she’s going to have sex with their neighbor, John Strong, while Alex has sex with another neighbor’s wife! Adira and Alex exchange loving kisses, and wish each other a good time.

John then arrives, so Alex and Adira meet him outside. Alex encourages him to give Adira a really good fucking. As Alex leaves to have fun at the other neighbor’s house, John eagerly fondles Adira, even though they’re still outdoors. She then partially undresses to show John her breasts, and gets down on her knees to give him a blowjob. The sexy outdoor fun continues, including face fucking, doggy style sex, and squirting! Actors: Adira Allure, John Strong
Source devilsfilm
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