Delta X18

Wanna Fuck My Student? Gotta Fuck Me First! – August Skye, Madi Collins & Seth Gamble

In between classes, schoolteacher Seth Gamble decides to pay a visit to his colleague, August Skye. It seems like Seth has been noticing August and her student Madi Collins spending quite a bit of time together within the confines of August’s classroom. Seth even claims to know exactly why they’re spending so much time together- they must be hooking up!

August gets defensive but is surprised when Seth admits that he’s not mad at August for fucking a student. If anything, he respects it! In fact, he’s detected a few sultry looks from Madi of late, and wonders if August would be okay with him moving in on her. Of course, he wouldn’t want to go around August’s back, so that’s why he came to chat with her about it.

August is dubious- how does she know that Seth won’t be a bad lover and end up ruining her own relationship with Madi? Not to mention that this runs the risk of making Madi feel like she’s being taken advantage of by the faculty. August needs to know what her precious student will be getting into, so if Seth wants to fuck Madi, he’s going to have to fuck August first! Or at least let her join in for a threesome… Actors: Madi Collins, August Skye, Seth Gamble
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