Delta X18

Who’s Better, Me Or My Aunt?, Scene #01

Rumors travel fast in today’s world. When Anais Amore’s aunt’s husband Tony Rubino comes to town, she hears that her step-uncle Tony has a huge cock! This intrigues the horny teen to no end. When Tony arrives, she greets him with a big hug and then tries to convince him to go to the pool with her – this way she can check out his bulge! Tony didn’t come prepared though, but Anais shows him her skimpy little bikini to win him over. Her hand ‘accidentally’ runs over his cock and Anais confirms that the rumors about her step-uncle’s member are true! She starts to grind her glorious ass all over this older man. She shows off her pierced tits, prompting Tony to pull out his dick – Anais is impressed & hungry! She deepthroats her step-uncle so he is nice & hard before she climbs aboard and twerks all over his cock. This fine Latina’s ass ripples & sways as she’s fucked to orgasm – she even begs her step-uncle to cum all over her face! Actors: Anais Amore, Tony Rubino
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