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Lucy Hart is scrubbing the floor of her living room when her best friend, Charlotte Sins, arrives. They’re planning on having a girls’ night, so Lucy wanted to tidy up. Charlotte says that the place looks very clean already, and Lucy doesn’t need to go through this much trouble just for her. But Lucy insists that she would really prefer to have the place clean, saying that she’s anal about cleanliness. Charlotte shrugs and agrees to hang around until Lucy is finished.

As Charlotte watches Lucy continue to clean on all fours, they have some friendly small talk. As they chat, however, Charlotte finds herself more and more attracted to Lucy’s ass as she works. Soon enough, however, things get even MORE arousing when Charlotte notices Lucy’s cock slip out of her shorts!

Lucy is surprised and embarrassed, quickly putting her dick back into her shorts as she apologizes. But Charlotte tells her not to worry, and in fact maybe they can turn their girls’ night into more of a SEXY night!



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