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A trans figure skater, Angellica Good, is disappointed in herself after a recent loss during a competition. Not only is she upset about her underperformance, but she’s worried that she’s let people down as a trans role model. What will all the trans girls who look up to her think about her now??

Her girlfriend, Mimi Malibu, comforts her, insisting that Angellica’s only human too and that it’s not fair to put all this pressure on herself. Angellica losing doesn’t make her any less of a role model in Mimi’s eyes either. In fact, she thinks that everyone seeing how gracefully Angellica accepted her defeat is empowering, too!

Angellica calms down and is touched by the comforting words. She expresses how much of an inspiration Mimi is for HER as well, which leads to an intimate moment between the sweet girlfriends.



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