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It’s Cinco de Mayo, baby! Raquel and her husband are partying hard for the holiday, they’ve invited their friend Joey to celebrate with them. Raquel is VERY flirty with Joey. With just a skimpy dress and beads on, she keeps shoving her big tits & ass in Joey’s face. When it’s time for tacos, Raquel serves them up in a sexy white bikini, grinding her ass all over Joey. When they’ve got Joey all excited from Raqeul’s teasing, they pop the question – will you fuck my wife? Joey is stunned but totally into it! Raquel drops to her knees and begins to blow Joey’s big cock while her husband watches. They move the party indoors and Raquel slides her hotwife pussy down Joey’s fat dick and starts twerking. Joey fucks her hard, her big boobs flop around as he makes her orgasm in front of her husband. Raquel’s pussy is a wet mess as Joey thrusts into her, making her cum repeatedly. Joey pulls out and nuts all over Raquel’s amazing ass. Happy Cinco de Mayo, folks!



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