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Tommy Pistol is upset because his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend, Sal. Even worse is the way that Tommy found out: his girlfriend was sitting in his car when another man’s cum leaked out of her asshole and got all over the seat!

Tommy is devastated that his girlfriend betrayed him like this, but he’s even more upset at his so-called best friend, and says he’s sure that Sal wouldn’t like it if Tommy fucked Sal’s girlfriend up the ass. In fact, that gives Tommy the perfect idea for getting even…

When Sal goes out of town, Tommy invites Sal’s girlfriend, Adira Allure, to come over. Adira is a little sore from moving furniture, so Tommy gives her a shoulder rub, hoping to seduce her. To Tommy’s surprise, Adira brings up the topic of sex first, saying that Sal has had a growing appetite for anal sex lately, so she’d like to practice anal to get better at it… maybe Tommy could help her?

Tommy is stunned, realizing that if he fucks Adira up the ass as planned, he’d basically be helping her to give better sex to that traitor Sal… but Tommy decides that Adira is so hot that it’s worth it to have sex with her! With that, Tommy eagerly gives Adira the fucking of a lifetime, ending with an anal creampie!



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