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Nade Nasty answers a knock at the door and sees that his surprise visitor is Ryder Rey, the girlfriend of his roommate Donnie. Nade says that Donnie’s not here, but Ryder says she knows that – she just wants to hang out here and wait for Donnie to come home. Accepting the explanation, Nade lets her in.

Ryder and Nade chat a bit, and then Ryder reveals that the real reason why she came here early is so that Nade would have time to fuck her before Donnie gets back! Nade is shocked, saying that roommates fucking each other’s girlfriends NEVER works out. Ryder insists she’s not in love with Nade or anything like that, she just wants to make use of his big dick… especially up her ass so he can give her a nice big anal creampie!



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