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Jace Starr and Scott Demarco hook up at Chaos Men, and Jace Starr drops to his knees, eager to suck the hell out of Scott Demarco’s hard cock. Jace’s face bobs up and down off it, and loves every inch of its hardness. After several minutes of intense cock sucking, Scott Demarco lays down Jace Starr and starts working on his dick. There is intense passion with these two, and the dick-sucking is off the charts. But Scott Demarco wants some ass, and Jace Starr quickly bends over to get an intense rimjob and ass-licking from Scott Demarco. With his hole wet, Scott DeMarco starts fucking Jace Starr doggie-style and then with his legs wide open for a deeper fucking. Jace Starr loves it and quickly starts stroking his hard cock to get off. Scott DeMarco cannot wait and explodes with a stringy load of cum all over Jace Starr’s cock and balls, and it ends with more passionate kissing. This a super hot scene and one these two won’t forget at Chaos Men.



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