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A patient, Will Pounder, complains to his doctor, Anna Claire Clouds, that no matter how hard he tries to be healthy, he always seems to get sick! He makes so many lifestyle changes but somehow it’s not enough.

Dr. Clouds assures him that it can take time to see noticeable changes BUT that maybe there’s something she can do for him in the meantime to give him a boost. That’s when she offers him a new treatment that she’s seen work very well for her other patients: a NURU massage. It’s been so successful, in fact, that she has a permanent NURU setup at her house — why doesn’t he come over and try it out for himself? WIll eagerly agrees, willing to try ANYTHING at this point.

A short time later, though he’s initially flustered, Will grows more and more relaxed as Dr. Claire performs a blissful NURU massage on him. With all that oil and sensual full-body contact, it’s clear that they’re both getting aroused. That’s when they agree to finish the massage off with some playful, light-hearted sex, giving Will’s system an even BIGGER boost!



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