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Can I Ask a Question Step-Mom-

I’m (Macy Meadows) wearing my white bikini and my step-mom (Cory Chase) is wearing her red bikini, as we walk down the hallway towards our hotel room. We are finally back from the pool, and my step-dad (Luke Longly) is nowhere in sight. So I decide to strip in front of my step-mom and ask her if I have any tan lines. Then I ask her if she has a bush right now, or if she shaved. Cory is unsure about answering these questions at first, but then she pulls her bikini bottoms off, exposing her bald pussy to me. ‘Can I touch your pussy?’ I ask her. Then I lean in and kiss her on the mouth. Cory is confused as to what’s going on but she is only my step-mom after all… so we decide to continue playing around! Once we are both naked, we start to kiss some more. My step-mom lies down on the bed and she spreads her legs in front of me. I start to eat her pussy out and she moans that my tongue feels so good! After she cums, we switch places and I spread my legs for her next. She goes down on me until I cum, and then I suggest that we stay naked and wait for my step-dad to come back to the hotel room…



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