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It’s Mother’s Day and Andi Avalon’s husband is treating her right! He’s got this hot MILF some nice gifts but has another surprise in store for her. He tells her to put on a bathrobe so he can reveal a little more to her. He takes her to their bed where her gifts are waiting. Andi finds a blindfold in one bag and her husband tells her to put it on. Andi’s husband offers a foot massage and she is excited. But she isn’t aware that it’s not her husband touching her sexy feet. Instead, it’s Alex Mack, the masseuse she saw earlier that day at the spa. The one she thought was hot. Andi’s husband tells her to take off her blindfold. She sees the stud, Alex and blushes. She’s nervous, but even more excited. Alex starts lickin Andi’s horny MILF pussy while her husband films the action. Andi wants to suck his cock, she is pleased when he pulls it out. Her husband watches Andi blow the stud until she is ready to get fucked. He penetrates her wet pussy and Andi tells her husband how good it feels. Alex makes Andi orgasm numerous times in front of her husband. She begs for his cum in her mouth so Alex unloads and Andi swallows it all while her husband watches! Happy Mother’s Day, all!



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