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Bodacious, booty-blessed beauty Nicole Aria wears stylish lingerie with heels, teasing through a sleek intro. The hyper-sexual honey crams a massive dildo into her rectum, anticipating anal fun with two incredibly big Black cocks. When Richard Mann and Rob Piper arrive, excited Nicole jacks their massive meat poles as they grope her body. Rob reams her asshole while she gives Richard a messy blowjob, and the dudes switch spots to follow up. Nicole hops on Rob’s lap, riding his dick as Richard bangs her bunghole from behind. Both guys bury their boners in her booty at the same time, making Nicole whimper in ecstasy. She blathers dirty talk while the guys simultaneously sodomize her. Intense double-anal penetration comes with rectal gaping; serious throat fucking; and slobbering, ass-to-mouth fellatio. Nicole drops to her knees for the climax, smiling as the men slather her with two hot cum facials. Rob and Richard use their schlongs to scoop semen from her cheeks into her mouth, and Nicole happily thanks them. This scene includes fisting action available only on! At one point, Nicole crams her fist and Richard’s rod into her sphincter together!



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