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Cory Chase is wearing blue gym shorts with a matching sports bra and Nicole Rae is wearing a purple gym outfit. They notice you staring at them and they decide to play with you. ‘Let’s show him our tits,’ Cory says. She pulls her sports bra off over her head and then she helps Nicole take her sports bra off as well. ‘Do you want to see a cock?’ Cory asks you. Her personal trainer (Jonathan Jordan) walks over to them and he just happens to have a huge BBC! Cory pulls his BBC out and they notice that your cock jumps at the sight of the BBC. You try to deny it, but your cock is growing and it’s hard to hide it! You’d just love to take that BBC in your mouth, but you can’t. Cory and Nicole put their mouths on his BBC, and they tease you by showing you what you can’t touch. You start to stroke your own smaller cock while you watch them. Cory strokes the BBC in front of you while Nicole licks the tip. Cory tells you to keep stroking your cock, a little faster now, while you stare at this BBC. They finally allow you to cum, but they’re not that impressed by your load…



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