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Khloe Kay is wearing nothing but sexy red lingerie as she impatiently waits. When the doorbell rings, she grabs a black robe to partially cover herself, then answers the door. When she does, she’s greeted by the plumber, Dana Vespoli, who she lets inside to take care of her clogged sink.

As Dana sets to work, Khloe can’t help but sneak peeks of her. Khloe catches tantalizing glimpses of Dana’s underboob and her ass at the waistband of her jeans. But she’s not alone since Dana can’t help but steal looks as well! How could Dana NOT with Khloe looking so enticing in the sinful lingerie and robe??

That’s when they realize that there’s just too much sexual tension between them to focus on the task at hand. It looks like they’ll have to take a quick break to clear the air — the sink can wait!



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