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It’s New Year’s Eve and Jessy Pony & her husband are stumbling over each other in excitement. Tonight is the night they open their marriage and try some swinging. Jessy is decked out in a sexy dress as her husband films her while he gropes her amazing ass. Suddenly, they get a knock on their door. It’s their third and his name is Chocolate God. Jessy shows off her perky tits to him while they get acquainted. When Jessy pulls out Chocolate’s massive black cock, she begins to thank her husband profusely. Jessy has to use both her hands to blow this virtual stranger while her husband films her. Chocolate splits Jessy’s married little pussy in two when he penetrates her. Jessy is stretched to the max as her husband watches her get stuffed hard. She twerks her ass all up and down this stranger’s huge dick, making herself cum repeatedly. Her husband watches her scream as she is banged into orgasm after orgasm before Chocolate nuts all over her face! Happy New Years, folks!



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