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Ryan Russo joins Chaos Manor today. He’s only 21, 5’7′, 155lbs, and is a former soccer player turned gym-rat. Ryan is a 100% definite gay man and loves big, beefy, hairy men for his weakness. Ryan has a full, hairy chest and is quite adventurous. He’s susceptible to nipple play and neck play and can get turned in within seconds. Ryan loves thighs, sexy legs, and a great ass on a man. He’s a flipper verse in bed and gets into flip fucking as often as possible. After stripping naked, he slides into bed to lube up his hard cock. Sensual stroking and ass play get him in the mood, but he stretches back to cum in his face with a blast of cum all over his lips. He leaves us with a face covered in his own cum, and is an excellent welcome to Chaos Men today.



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