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Sometimes ya just need to crank one out, ya know? Sharing a bathroom with your stepsister is not ideal in these situations. Ethan Seeks just wants to knock one out but his nosey stepsister Serena Hill barges into the bathroom, interrupting his privacy. She tells him she knows what he’s up to since they share a bathroom, she can hear him most of the time! Serena is fed-up of waiting, she KNOWS what he does in the bathroom everyday. Maybe she can help him out? Speed up the process? She drops to her knees and pulls out her stepbrother’s already-hard cock. Serena sucks off her stepbro right there in the bathroom, but before she can finish – their dad interrupts them! After the almost caught moment, they decide to reconvene in Serena’s bedroom. She lets her stepbro play with her natural tits before she stuffs her horny pussy with his fat cock. Ethan fucks his stepsister hard, smacking her ass and making her cum on his dick. Serena lets her stepbrother nut all over her face once he’s made her orgasm a few times.



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