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Tomas De Rico is 24, 5’10, and brings his hair, chest, and body to Chaos Men. Tomas De Rico loves sexy men as a former dancer and wanted to become an amateur underwear model. Tomas loves a guy in briefs and loves a huge bulge as a gay hunk. Tomas is single and loves all types of men. Tomas is open to top and bottom and can be a submissive bottom when the mood hits. Tomas is a former athlete in school and continues to work out often, including wrestling. Tomas De Rico slides off his black shorts and lays back with his legs open to stroke his massive cock. He yanks at it and mends over to show it from behind, which highlights his sexy ass and beautiful hole. A little bit of lube gets him going, and he strokes it with sexy strokes. He moans away and finishes a healthy cumshot that lands in his hands, and he gives it a taste when done. Tomas De Rico is the real deal, and you can see him stroke it now at Chaos Men.



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