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Learning the Ropes-

Cory Chase and Addyson James walk into the gym, one after another, wearing black and pink TabooHeat uniforms. ‘Part of this job is to be very HANDS ON,’ Cory explains. ‘I’m not sure I understand, but I really want to work here,’ Addyson replies. Cory starts to lift Addyson’s shirt up, and then Addyson does the same to Cory. They both start to play with each other’s nipples. Addyson lies down on the massage table, and Cory starts to lick her step-sister’s nipples. She pulls Addyson’s black shorts off, revealing a clit piercing that she didn’t know she had! Now that Addyson is completely naked, Cory starts to eat her step-sister’s pussy out. After Addyson cums, the two MILF’s switch places and Cory lies down on the massage table next. Addyson gets into the doggystyle position to eat Cory’s pussy out, and she continues until she also cums in her mouth!



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