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Seth Gamble and his wife are getting ready for a night out. As they give the sitter, Reyna Belle, some final instructions, things take a dramatic turn when Seth’s wife accuses him of wanting to fuck Reyna. Seth denies it, but his wife insists that she’s seen the way he’s been looking at Reyna… Besides, he’s fucked all of their previous sitters, so there’s a clear pattern of behavior here!

The argument escalates, until Seth’s wife angrily declares that she’s going out by herself, so Seth can go ahead and fuck yet another sitter for all she cares. After Seth’s wife leaves, Reyna awkwardly tells Seth that she can leave too if he wants, since he doesn’t need a sitter if he’s staying home. Seth confesses that his wife’s accusation is true – he really HAS fucked all of their previous sitters.

Reyna says it’s probably because girls her age tend to be very horny, especially for men like him… case in point, her pussy is really wet for Seth right NOW. Seth is stunned that this is happening to him yet again, but he gives in to temptation and agrees to give Reyna a good fucking!



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