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Willow Ryder greets her next massage client, Will Pounder, as she gets the room set up for him. He seems a little down, however, so Willow asks him how his week has been. It turns out that Will is having some ‘lady problems’ of late, and it’s been affecting him a great deal. His muscles are sore, he has anxiety, he’s up all night… he’s a total mess, to be honest.

Willow listens intently and informs Will that what he’s describing makes total sense. It’s quite common for outside stresses to affect the body in various ways, even leading to muscle soreness and cramping. Given Will’s situation, she’d like to recommend a unique type of massage called a NURU massage, which she’s certain will help alleviate Will’s tension.

They strip naked together, with Will lying down on his front as Willow pours NURU gel over herself and starts gliding over his back. Will can feel Willow’s breasts rubbing up against his skin and her soft thighs touching his legs as she works her way across his body. By the time he flips over onto his back, his cock is rock-hard, and it seems that, in an instant, his lady problems are about to vanish…



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