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Michael Del Ray is watching TV when his roommate, Domino Presley, comes back from ballet rehearsal. She throws her ballerina shoes onto the floor and sits on the couch, exhausted. The show’s director pushed her really hard today, but hey- if she wanted something easy, Domino wouldn’t have become a ballerina.

Michael certainly feels for her and is consistently impressed with how dedicated she is to her craft. He wonders if there’s anything he can do for her to help her wind down after such an intense day. Domino admits that her feet are feeling mighty sore after all that dancing… could Michael maybe give her a foot massage, perhaps? Michael is happy to help, so Domino eases her tired feet onto Michael’s lap, and he gets to work.

But as Michael massages Domino’s soles, sparks begin to fly between these two roommates. Michael’s always found her beautiful, but he’s never dared make a move for fear of ruining their living arrangement. But when he spots Domino’s bulge pressing against the fabric of her underwear, Michael’s eyes say it all. He’s transfixed… and curious. Domino knows what he’s thinking, and can’t help but feel intrigued herself. Who’s to say they can’t have a little frisky fun together?



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