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Curious Step Mom-

Cory Chase confronts her step-daughter, Selina Bentz, because she found her hidden report card that was filled with bad grades! Cory is wearing a green dress as she sits down next to her step-daughter to discuss her grades. While Cory is reprimanding her, Selina tries to seduce her step-mom by lifting her tank top up above her small tits. Cory does get distracted by this, and she starts to strip out of her dress. She leans forward to kiss Selina on the mouth, and then Cory lies down on the bed and she spreads her legs for her step-daughter. Selina moves her mouth down towards Cory’s pussy and she starts to eat her pussy out. When she is done eating her out, they switch places and Cory starts to eat her step-daughter’s pussy out next. ‘Your pussy tastes like your step-dad!’ Cory exclaims. Luke walks into the room moments later and joins them…



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