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Will Pounder is walking his newest babysitter, Sage Rabbit, out of his house following a successful first shift. With everything going on in Will’s life, including his recent separation from his wife, he’s glad that at least he’s found someone who can help him out around the house. Surprisingly, however, Sage seems to know a bit more about WHY Will’s wife left him than Will anticipated.

It turns out that Will’s last babysitter was fired because Will’s wife caught them boffing, which understandably led to their divorce. Sage just happens to be good friends with Will’s ex-babysitter, so she got all the nasty details. As it so happens, she’s not put off by any of it. In fact, she’s curious to see what all the fuss is about… So she asks Will to take her up to her bedroom and fuck her brains out.

Will is stunned, but can hardly resist the temptation of Sage’s soft, teen pussy. And after all, if the last babysitter got fucked, then it’s only fair that Sage gets fucked too!



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