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Brock Banks and Ant Vega are at Chaos Men and immediately grab at each other and kiss deeply. Brock Banks goes quickly to Ant Vega’s hard cock and starts sucking it with passion. After deep sucking, Brock Banks thrusts his hard cock inside Ant Vega’s mouth and makes him enjoy it to the base. They 69 each other and deep cock sucking is the center of attention. After going balls-deep sucking, Ant Vega bends over Brock Banks and rims his hole with deep licks and tongue action to get deep inside. Ant Vegas fucks Brock Banks doggy-style, with his legs spread wide open on his back, and then back to doggie-style to fuck him deeper. After a few minutes of Brock Bank’s ass, Ant Vega pops and sprays his load of cum all over Brock Banks’s ass. These two tatted beauties are horny and at Chaos Men today.



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