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River Lynn is visiting her boyfriend Johnny Palms at his parent’s house, the two of them holding hands and walking in the sun. They don’t get to see each other much since they both attend different universities, so they’ve had to keep the spark alive through phone sex and the occasional trip to see each other.

Things are about to change, however, since Johnny has filed a transfer to River’s school. That way, they’ll be able to spend every hour of every day together, and even rent their own place! But Johnny gets a rude wakeup-call when River explains to him that this is going to come with certain conditions. Mainly, she wants to keep screwing her fuckbuddy, Jimmy Michaels, on the side…

Johnny is bewildered and betrayed, having had no idea that River’s been fooling around behind his back. He relents, however, and accepts River’s terms, wanting nothing else than to be her boyfriend. At least they’ll have this weekend to spend alone together… right? WRONG. It turns out that Jimmy is actually in town, and he’s coming over right now to pound River’s pussy. Johnny will have to sit and watch because, whether he likes it or not, this is going to become a regular occurrence for him and his so-called girlfriend. Jimmy arrives and fucks River right in front of her cuck boyfriend, making her cum like never before in front of his very eyes.



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