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Buck Fuck has finally got the courage to ask out this hunky guy he works with, Dillon Diaz, and the evening could not have gone better. A lovely meal and some making out and more. But the real surprise is the next morning they they’re in each other’s arms still feeling the moment and look into each other’s eyes and agree, oh yes time for round two. Buck slides right down to suck the cock and finds it with a very ready morning wood. He sucks it deep while Dillon reaches back to feel Buck’s ass is still a bit open and lubey ready to go from the night before. A bit more of Dillon’s tongue to warm him up and Buck is begging for that cock again. Buck is a bit more aggressive this morning riding Dillon’s cock with passion and shooting a massive load all over Dillon. While Dillon flips Buck over to look in his eyes as he fucks that ass and shoots his load all over Buck as well.



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