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You walk into the hotel room and find your step-mom sitting down on the bed, and she is completely naked next to her step-sister. ‘Do you want us to show you what we were going to do if you didn’t catch us?’ Cory Chase says to you. ‘But first, pull your cock out. I want to see you stroke it while you watch us’ Sophia Locke says. You do what you’re told and they both spread their legs in front of you. They start to finger their pussies, but they remind you that you’re not allowed to cum just yet! You watch them kiss each other while they finger their pussies. Your balls are so full as you continue to stroke your cock while you watch them. They decide to count down from 10, and when they finally get to 1, you will be allowed to cum! When they reach 1, they both cum at the same time, while telling you to cum with them. You all explode together, and then they let you recharge so you can have some fun again later…



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