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When step-siblings get close – they learn how to manipulate their parents. Whether its extra allowance, getting the car for the whole night or fucking your hot stepsister – they find a way. It’s not the first time Juan and his sexy stepsister Aria have fooled around. They have a whole ruse going on as their dad is getting ready to leave. They pretend to fight over the remote, even getting their father involved. But as soon as he pulls out of the driveway – the horny teens start stripping down. Aria is still nervous but Juan reassures her that they have time before their dad gets back. He is jerking himself off trying to get a quick hard-on when his stepsister offers to suck it for him. It doesn’t take long for Juan’s cock to get big and hard in Aria’s hungry mouth. Juan slips it into his stepsister’s tight pussy from behind and starts banging her hole, hard. Aria moans and soaks her stepbro’s raging boner as she rides him. Juan takes his stepsister in reverse cowgirl and then missionary, humping Aria to multiple orgasms. Aria lets her stepbrother cum in her mouth and all over her face. The horny siblings are satisfied & still naked when they hear their dad get home and scramble to hide!



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