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Will Pounder spent some time with his friend Dharma Jones, and is now dropping her off at her house. Dharma invites him to come inside, but Will says he needs to get home to his girlfriend, otherwise she’ll be wondering where he is. Dharma says Will can still come inside for a little bit, but Will isn’t so sure that Dharma’s boyfriend would be keen on the idea of Dharma alone in the house with another guy.

Dharma mischievously asks if that means Will is thinking of fucking her. Will denies it, but Dharma says she likes the idea… in fact, she’s done it before! She says that cheating on her boyfriend is so hot that it makes her cum much harder than usual – and she’s sure that Will would like it too.

Will is shocked and hesitant, but he can’t help feeling a little curious. Dharma’s charms are eventually able to win him over, and they head inside together. Once they’re in the bedroom, Will plants kisses on Dharma’s neck, and undresses her so he can explore her beautiful body… including her ass. And of course, such steamy sex deserves an extra steamy ending: an anal creampie!



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