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Easter can be fun if you embrace it like Elana Bunnz and her husband do. Elana is decked out in pink vinyl and bunny ears to celebrate the holiday. Her husband has hidden Easter eggs all over their home and she hops around finding them – if she collects them all, her husband promises her a surprise. Elana is intrigued and excited! She heads to the bedroom and finds a little more than she expected. A naked stud named Dickdealer Don is sitting on their bed with his big dick out. Elana is shocked, but curious. She wants to know if it’s for her. Her husband gives her an enthusiastic yes and Elana dives in and begins sucking the stud’s cock. Elana wants to know if she can fuck Don’s big dick and her husband gives her the green light. She gets on top of Don’s large cock and squeezes it into her tight wifey hole. She can’t stop telling her husband how big Don is and she twerks her amazing ass all over his thick member. Don takes this horny bunny from behind, slamming into her pussy and making her cum hard in front of her husband. Her pierced tits clap together as she gets pounded. Don pulls out and nuts on her big naturals to end the session with this love bunny. Happy Easter, folks!



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