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Brad (Jay Smooth) and his roommate Mandy (Nicole Kitt) are watching a movie together when a softcore sex scene appears on screen. Mandy becomes suddenly uncomfortable, causing Brad to become concerned for her. Mandy reveals that she’s a recovering porn addict, and even something as innocent as a sex scene in a movie could trigger a relapse. She decides to leave the room while Brad continues watching. Brad appears supportive of her, but when he’s finally alone, it’s clear that a nefarious idea is brewing in his mind.

Indeed, over the following weeks, Brad manufactures various ‘accidents’ that are all aimed at triggering Mandy’s porn addiction, such as ‘accidentally’ dropping a porn magazine out of his bag or ‘accidentally’ sending Mandy a dick pick. Brad is convincingly innocent, but it’s clear that he’s doing this on purpose to whittle down Mandy’s already crumbling defenses.

Eventually, Brad puts the final phase of his master plan into action, convincing the vulnerable Mandy to forgo her resolutions and watch porn with him side-by-side. As she masturbates, she becomes consumed by the lust she’s spent so much time running away from, giving in to her most primal urges of intimacy. Playing right into Brad’s hand, she comes on to him, allowing him to fuck her and giving all of herself to him in a moment of total abandon.



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