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Who doesn’t love a good deal? JC Wilds absolutely NEEDS to go to an upcoming festival but can’t get a ride there. She asks her stepbrother Paker Ambrose, but he is not willing to drive 3 hours for his stepsister! That is – until she shows him her tits. He knows he’s got her where he wants her and asks for a blowjob instead. JC is game! She is surprised by her stepbrother’s fat cock but gives it her best effort anyway, sucking his nut dry. JC thinks she’s in the clear but when her friends’ text her to let her know they can’t drive her back from the festival – she heads to her step brother for help again. This time Parker wants to see his stepsister’s pussy. She bends over and he begins to finger her before offering to drive her back if she fucks him. JC is desperate to go to the concert, plus her stepbrother has a big dick so she agrees. JC climbs aboard her stepbro’s thick penis and squeezes her tight little hole down it. She is super wet from getting stretched by her stepbrother & she loves every minute of it! She twerks all over his dick to make herself cum repeatedly. Parker pulls out and nuts all over his stepsister’s wiggling ass. Pretty fair trade, huh?



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