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Heath Halo and Max Romano are two bearded beauties who are eager to fuck at Chaos Men. It takes under a minute for Heath Halo to start sucking down Max Romano’s hard cock. The sucking goes on for minutes until Max Romano starts deep-throating the hell out of Heath Halo’s hard cock, and Heath loves the drool coming from Max’s mouth. After sucking, Max Romano knows he wants Heath’s ass and licks it deep and rim’s it good. His tongue goes deep, and it’s ready for a hard dick. The doggie-style action lasts for several minutes until Heath Halo decides to flip Max Romano and lick his hole and balls. Heath moves into Max’s cock and starts fucking him hard. Max Romano blows the first big load as he strokes his cock to completion and blows a huge load. Heath Halo flips Max on his stomach for doggie-style fucking, and cums all over his ass and back. The hot bearded sex of Heath Halo and Max Romano is off the charts, and only at Chaos Men.



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