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Liam Cyber is hosting a party and the dreaded pipe failure in his kitchen has him going crazy. He called around until he got ahold of Fat Pipe Plumbing who sent out their best Man on a rush. Hatler Gurius shows up and it seems that the homeowner Liam is just about to lose his mind with worry. Hatler being a Professional just got down to work on the issue while Liam, starting to relax, realized that the guy fixing his pipe was also arousing his personal pipe work. Absently stroking over his pants and standing over him Hatler looks up to see that it’s not the only pipe about to burst. Hatler leans up and takes that pipe in hand and in mouth so to speak. Liam relaxes more and more with his cock down Hatler’s throat. Soon Liam is putting his cock deep into Hatler until he cums. Hatler just shoves his cum and cock right back in his hole and then takes over to fuck Liam who is still horned up. Hatler is on a mission to pound out this willing hole and finally leaves a huge load on the still gaping hole before licking up a bit of his own. Just in time for the party.



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