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Ana Foxxx is happy today since she gets to massage one of her absolute favorite clients, Eliza Ibarra. As Ana rubs some oil into Eliza’s beautiful calves, she asks Eliza how things are going. The last time she was at the parlor, she was in a new relationship… Is that still going well? It turns out, however, that Eliza and her partner have recently broken up, which is why Eliza wanted to get massaged today. She’s been feeling a lot of stress because of it and wants to find a way to release all her pent-up anxiety and tension.

As fate would have it, however, Ana isn’t exactly satisfied with HER current relationship… They’ve been dating for as long as Eliza’s been Ana’s client, and nothing’s really changed or evolved for them. Conversely, Ana and Eliza have grown to understand each other so much more… Ana can’t help but wonder if maybe Eliza is the perfect woman for her instead. And now that they’re alone in this massage room together, this might be the perfect opportunity to put their chemistry to the test… with sizzling, sensual sex.



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