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When Ashley Alexander uses her stepdad Scott Trainor bathroom and finds a used condom – she is weirded out! She knows Scott doesn’t use condoms with her mom and he is def acting sus! But Ashley doesn’t care, she just wants a few condoms for herself. Her stepdad gives her a couple, but is shocked when Ashley asks him how to use them. Scott’s stepdaughter wants a demonstration now!? After some haggling, Ashley pulls her perky teen tits out to get her stepdad hard. She unrolls the condom on her stepdad’s stiff cock. Then she pulls it off and begins to suck him, Scott is reluctant but his stepdaughter’s mouth feels so good! She takes off her shorts and climbs on to her stepfather’s throbbing boner and rides him like a horny little slut! Scott fucks his stepdaughter’s from behind, grabbing her meaty teen ass and giving her an intense orgasm. Ashley begs her stepdadddy to cum in her teen pussy, so Scott fills up his stepdaughter with a nice creampie!



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