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It’s unusual for a father to go to his daughter for comfort. Even more so when it’s a stepfather and stepdaughter. But that’s the situation Molly Cooper finds herself in when her stepdad Filthy Rich has trouble resting and her mom is away. She just wants to doom scroll on her phone, but Rich watched a scary slasher flick and now he’s spooked. Molly says he can stay so Rich hops into bed with her, but not before getting naked. Molly doesn’t realize her stepdad is totally nude when he asks her to cuddle with him. She can’t help but feel his big hard cock under the blanket. She’s a little shocked at first but Rich convinces her that sex before bed is the best way to relax. Molly is unsure but her stepdad’s big dick keeps calling to her. She leans down and sucks her stepfather’s fat cock. Rich slides his thick member into his stepdaughter and she begins to ride him. Her pussy is totally soaked as she gets porked by her horny stepfather. He fucks his stepdaughter hard from behind, her little hole dripping with her own creamy juices. Molly’s perky pierced tits bounce around as her stepfather ravages her to multiple orgasms. Rich pulls out and shoots a big load all over his stepdaughter’s cute little tan-lined ass. NOW, he can rest – finally!



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