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Sharing Step Son-

I (Luke Longly) hear noises coming from down the hallway, so I walk towards my step-mom’s bedroom to see what is going on. I walk into the bedroom and I find my step-mom (Rae West) kissing a blonde woman (Cory Chase) in her bed! ‘This is my sorority sister,’ she tells me. Cory and Rae start trying to convince me to fuck the both of them today. They both start to give me a double blowjob at the same time. ‘Which hole do you want?’ Cory asks me next. Cory lies down in the missionary position to start, and I fuck her pussy at first. A few minutes later, I start to fuck her ass hole while Rae is sitting on Cory’s face at the same time. Cory starts to suck Rae’s nipples while I am fucking her ass as well. Rae lies down in the missionary position next, and I start to fuck her tight ass hole while she kisses Cory. Cory moves into the doggystyle position and I start to fuck her ass from behind, while she eats Rae’s pussy out simultaneously. Cory’s ass hole gapes open wide as I pull my cock out of her ass. Cory moves into the missionary position and I keep fucking her ass hole in that position. When I am ready to cum, I jerk my cock into Rae’s mouth; Then, she spits the cum into Cory’s mouth so the two MILF’s can share it!



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