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Eva Maxim and her girlfriend Brittney Kade are having a casual conversation about things they’ve never tried before. Eventually, Brittney admits that she’s only ever dated trans women, never cis women. Eva admits that she’s never dated a cis woman either. They agree that since they’re both lesbians, it DOES seem a shame that neither has had a sexual experience involving a cis woman… and it’s too bad they never will, since they’re now in a long-term committed relationship with each other. But then they start to wonder… what if they tried a threesome?

Eva and Brittney discuss the idea further, and decide to use a dating app to find someone. They use the app to contact a beautiful woman, Kenna James, who is totally on board with the idea and says she can come over soon. When Kenna arrives, she clearly finds the couple attractive, and Eva and Brittney find Kenna attractive as well. However, Eva and Britteny start to get cold feet and whisper to each other about whether or not they should really go through with this.

Kenna notices but isn’t offended, saying that from what they told her when they invited her over, it’s not surprising that they’re a bit nervous. Kenna reassures and encourages them, saying it’s their decision of course… but if they’ve come this far, it must mean they’re both at least a little curious about what it would be like. After a bit more discussion, Eva and Brittney agree that it would be nice to satisfy their curiosity, plus it could be fun to try something new in their relationship.



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