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My cum is still all over my step-mom’s face, as Cory Chase tells her that she isn’t done punishing her! Sophia Locke still has her hands tied behind her back, and Cory runs to grab a giant red vibrating dildo. She turns the dildo on and she shoves it into her step-sister’s pussy. Cory slowly fucks her step-sister’s pussy with the vibrating dildo. ‘Please let me cum! Please!’ she begs, but Cory says not yet. Cory takes the dildo out of Sophia’s pussy and she puts it in Sophia’s mouth this time. Cory then sits down on the edge of the couch and she lifts her dress up, revealing her pussy and her tits. ‘Show me how much you want me!’ Cory exclaims. Sophia starts to lick Cory’s nipples, and then she makes her way down to her pussy. She starts to eat her step-sister’s pussy out, while her hands are still tied behind her back. Then she takes Sophia into the bedroom to continue disciplining her…



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