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Keep No Secrets-

Cory Chase and Talulah Mae walk into the gym together, and Cory notices that Talulah looks way more muscular now compared to when she first got here! ‘What is your secret?!’ Cory asks her step-sister. ‘I get cum shots and I swallow the cum! That’s my secret protein shake!’ Talulah tells her. ‘You should fuck Luke!’ Talulah tells her. ‘I don’t think I could fuck my step-son, but I will think about it,’ Cory replies. Talulah stands up and she strips out of her gym clothes; Cory stands behind her and she feels her tits and muscles up. The two MILF’s start to make out with each other, and then Cory gets naked and lies down on the weight bench. She spreads her legs for her step-sister and Talulah starts to eat her pussy out. She continues until she cums hard in her mouth! Then the two MILF’s switch places and Cory starts to eat Talulah’s pussy out this time. She licks and sucks on her clit until she cums in her mouth as well! Then, Cory gets on top of Talulah and she grinds her pussy on hers in the scissor position. They continue scissoring until they both cum again! Afterwards, Cory pulls out her phone and she texts Luke and asks him to come to the gym…



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