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Cory Chase is wearing a blue robe and Vanessa Cage is wearing a red robe, as they ask you what your New Year’s Resolutions will be this year. ‘Why don’t you make your New Year’s Resolution to jerk off to us more? And ours will be to be naked more often…’ Cory suggests. The two MILF’s decide to start their resolutions right now, starting with vowing to be naked more often. They both untie their robes and they throw their robes to the ground. Now that they’re naked, they want you to slowly start stroking your cock. They rub their nipples against each other, and you imagine what it would look like with your cock in between their tits. They both stand up and turn around, so their asses are facing you this time. ‘Would you be able to handle going back and forth between the two of us?!’ Vanessa questions you, as you’re slowly stroking your cock in front of them. The two blonde MILF’s sit down on chairs in front of you, with their legs spread wide open. They both finger their pussies in front of you, while you are still stroking your cock. You are edging yourself, and you know your orgasm is going to feel so good when you eventually let yourself explode. Soon, but not yet! They both shake their big tits in front of your face, and Vanessa tells you that you can stroke your cock faster now. They start the countdown from 5, and when they get to 1, you will finally be allowed to cum for them! Now that they’ve reached 1, you explode and there’s so much cum! The MILF’s are actually impressed with your load… and they’ll be waiting for you again later, after you recharge!



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