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Vivianne DeSilva’s friend set her up on a terrible blind date with a guy who she could smell from across the table, using the old friend has an emergency excuse and got out of there. Once in the car she bitches out her friend for the set up and tells her she is still horny which was the reason for the date in the first place. Well her friends suggest the Glory Hole. Figuring her friend could not be wrong twice in one night and desperate to get off she heads over there. Finding the place just the right amount of sleazy with graffiti on the walls and a dirty movie playing. Starting off by flicking the bean a bit to get started she sees Goldey’s extra long cock come right through the wall and drops immediately to devour it. Bigger and harder than anything she is used to she takes full advantage to stuff it in her overly tight pussy. Finally she milks his cock but greedily swallows every drop of cum he has to offer her.



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