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Joel Someone has been working as a security guard for many years now and his sexual addiction issues have gotten out of control to the point that to keep his job he has been ordered to meet with a therapist. Dr Aaron Trainer is an excellent therapist but he was not ready for the power of seduction that Joel brings to the session. Joel plays with the therapist like it’s his first day luring him into Joel’s preferred manner of sexual need. Before long Joel has his cock out and uses it to suck Dr Trainer’s will to keep it professional all out of him and right into his mouth. From his mouth to his ass Joel has Dr Trainer on his terms of total slutdom. Joel, once bent over winks his pretty hole at the Dr and his tongue follows next with his cock soon to follow. Joel by now is begging to be penetrated with the Dr’s fat cock, drilled deep milking him for all of his energy. But it’s his juicy ass that the Dr can’t get enough of and eats it fiercely until he blows on the outside of Joel’s hole to which Joel answers by sitting on his still hard cock to milk out his own massive load.



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