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Calvin Michaels joins the red bed at Chaos Men and looks incredible. Calvin is only 20, 5’4, and is 158lbs. Calvin is very muscular, goes to the gym six days a week, and is a former soccer and football player. Calvin is bisexual and leans towards men in his life. Calvin loves muscles, healthy men, and communication with his new tall friend. Calvin’s ideal date includes a healthy conversation with someone and teasing the new date. Calvin loves biting, neck kisses, and choking with some hair pulling. As he strips naked, he gets into our red bed and strokes his impressive hard cock. He whips it around and shows off his gym-toned ass as he continues to stroke it good. As he finishes the stroking, he delivers a fabulous blast of cum all over himself, and he rubs the cum into his hands. Calvin Michaels is impressive, and his gym-soaked body is here at Chaos Men to enjoy today.



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