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Cody Arizona has been invited over to watch the basketball game with a guy he has been having lustful feeling for some time. Now Cody is married and his wife has been encouraging him for some time to explore his bisexual feelings. She knows that Micah Martinez has invited him over and told Cody she hopes for a good sexy story when he gets home. Now Micah knows Cody is married but he is so cute that he invites him over with hopes of tapping that ass all the same. Settling down to watch the game, both of them quickly realize neither could care less about basketball and realize both of them have the same intentions to hook up. Micah inquires, with his hand on Cody’s cock, if this is going to be a problem with his wife and Cody lets him know she sent him over with her blessing. Well then for sure the real game is on. Micah takes it slow and seduces Cody showing him some real love of a Man. Once Micah’s tongue has been up Cody’s ass he flips over, cock raging hard and Micah knows he has him in his clutches. After Micah has a deep exploration of Cody’s ass and dumps his load on Cody he whispers to Cody to wear his cum home to his wife.



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